I think we have achieved everything I was looking for in a new organ for St Thomas’s and am very grateful to Martin and the team from The Organ Rebuild Company. They have worked with us within a given budget and taken all the time necessary to understand my wishes in designing the instrument and in meeting the worship needs of our people and the liturgical life of the parish. We have an organ which sounds beautiful and makes you want to play… a brilliant result!
Roger Wilcock
“I would never have believed that we could have an instrument that sounds this good at such a reasonable price. They even sent a professional voicing artist to make sure it sounded just as we wanted it to.”
Rev. Gerald Smyth
“The sound of our rebuilt organ is just fantastic. We chose to add a few new voices as part of the rebuild and it was totally worth it.”
Father Peter
“I had no idea this sort of service was even available. Not only did they rebuild our organ but they even helped us with the fundraising to pay for it. Thank you so very much.”
Rev. Linda blackstone
“I am so glad we found these guys. By rebuilding our organ we get the benefit of perfect sound as well as keeping our beloved old console that has been here for so many years. It looks untouched but now we have a warranty. Brilliant”
rev. adam baraclough

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