A Brand New instrument

Built in your existing console.


What do we do?

We remove all the old electronics from within your console and replace it with brand new state of the art digital circuitry. Using our own circuit boards designed exclusively for this purpose allows us to build you a functionally brand new instrument at a massive saving over the cost of a new organ.


Why would you want to do this?

When an instrument begins to fail there are two choices for the organist; have it repaired or buy a new organ. Repairing older instruments can be challenging and soon become a loop of expense and inconvenience. Buying a new instrument is a major expense, both financially and in terms of Earth resource.  Using our service substantially reduces these costs.


How can we do this?

We have developed all the hardware and software necessary to build an instrument to any specification, additionally we have our own professional in-house organ voicer, meaning we are able to create new stop sounds to suit any requirements. As we are not reliant on any other manufacturers or licenses we offer great savings over the cost of a new organ.


Where do we do the work?

Rebuilding an instrument is a complex and time consuming job requiring many parts and tools, because of this we usually collect the organ and transport it to our workshop where the rebuild is carried out. Once this is finished we transport the organ back to your premises, where it is re-installed and voiced by our professional organ voicer.

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